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Tomei Exhaust Manifold Gasket RB26DETT TA4060-NS05A

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Upgrade your RB26DETT engine with the high-performance Tomei Exhaust Manifold Gasket from Terra Firma. Designed specifically for RB26 builds, this multiple layered gasket is a superior choice that addresses the weaknesses of the OEM gaskets.

Tomei, a trusted brand in the automotive industry, has conducted extensive research and development to identify the stress points in high-performance engines. With their advanced design and construction, these gaskets can handle the rigorous demands of today's tuned performance engines, providing a reliable and durable seal.

At Terra Firma, we take pride in offering top-quality products for your RB26 builds. The Tomei Exhaust Manifold Gasket is no exception, and it's an excellent addition to your next project. Experience the enhanced performance and peace of mind that come with using these fantastic Tomei gaskets.

Elevate your RB26 engine to the next level with the Tomei Exhaust Manifold Gasket from Terra Firma. Trust in the quality and expertise of both Terra Firma and Tomei to deliver outstanding results in your RB26 build.

  • Ultra Durable, High Performance Exhaust Gaskets
  • Highly Optimized, Engine Specific Construction
  • Made Using Premium Grade Materials And Coatings
  • Precision Water/Oil Route Seals
  • Multiple Thicknesses For Compression Ratio Adjustment
  • Fits WGNC34 Stagea 260RS
  • Fits BNR32 GTR
  • Fits BCNR33 GTR
  • Fits BNR34 GTR
  • Fits RB26

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