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Godzilla in America - In 2014, the legendary R-32 GT-R 1989 Nissan Skyline became legal to own in the United States. Many of us of dreamt of owning the acclaimed R32 GT-R that destroyed the track in homologation Group A racing, with Nissan engineers creating madness out of the 2.6-liter twin turbo that became known as the RB26DETT. The R32 GT-R is not just any car for any driver, but a formidable weapon on the streets of America that could have meant crippling competition to cars like Corvette, Mustang and Grand Nationals if imported in 1989. Now, many pioneering early adapters are bring these cars to US soil since the expiration of the 25-year rule. Prices are on the rise and possibilities are endless. Terra Firma is in full support of the renowned R32 GT-R, using years of classic and performance car experience to find the best restoration and performance upgrades. Terra Firma is making USA support a reality and will be here when the R33 & R34 come!