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Nissan Stagea C34 Back Cable Door Opener Nut (90605B)

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Terra Firma Automotive is your premier destination for genuine Nissan parts, and we're pleased to introduce the Nissan Stagea C34 Back Cable Door Opener Nut. This vital component may be small, but its role in maintaining the functionality of your Nissan Stagea is significant.

Crafted to Nissan's exact specifications, this genuine part ensures a perfect fit in the 90605B location. It's made from high-quality materials, providing durability and long-lasting performance. Whether you're using your Stagea for daily commuting or long road trips, having a reliable back cable door opener nut is essential.

At Terra Firma Automotive, we are dedicated to delivering authentic Nissan parts to our valued customers. We recognize that using genuine components is the key to keeping your Stagea in top condition. When you choose our Back Cable Door Opener Nut, you're choosing quality, dependability, and peace of mind.

Even the smallest parts play a crucial role in your vehicle's overall performance. Elevate your driving experience by upgrading to the Nissan Stagea C34 Back Cable Door Opener Nut today. Your Stagea deserves the best, and Terra Firma Automotive is here to deliver it.

  • Fits WGC34 Stagea RS-V
  • Fits WGNC34 Stagea 260RS
  • Fits WGNC34 Stagea RS-FOUR
  • Fits WGNC34 Stagea X-FOUR
  • Fits WHC34 20X

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