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Nissan Skyline R34 Hood Support Rod Retainer

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Renew the support system of your Nissan Skyline R34, including the iconic GTR model, with Terra Firma Automotive's Hood Support Rod Retainer. This brand new, genuine Nissan replacement part is designed to secure the hood or bonnet support rod, offering a reliable and durable solution for your R34.

Crafted with precision and using original opaque plastic injection, this retainer addresses common issues like fading, cracking, or breakage that can occur over time. A vital component for maintaining the stability of your hood support system, this retainer ensures your hood support rod stays securely in place.

For enthusiasts and owners of the R34, Terra Firma Automotive understands the significance of genuine, quality components. This replacement part not only serves a functional purpose but also contributes to the aesthetics of your vehicle, restoring it to its original glory.

Avoid the inconveniences caused by worn-out or damaged hood support rod retainers and invest in the longevity and reliability of your Nissan Skyline R34. Trust Terra Firma Automotive for top-notch, authentic Nissan replacement parts. Our commitment to excellence guarantees that your vehicle receives components engineered for precision and durability, providing you with a seamless and trustworthy driving experience.

  • Fits BNR34 GTR
  • Fits ENR34 GT-Four
  • Fits ER34 25GT
  • Fits ER34 25GTT
  • Fits HR34 20GT

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