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Nissan Skyline R34 Air Conditioner Relay, JIDECO (Blue) (25224D)

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Enhance Your Nissan Skyline R34's Air Conditioning System with Terra Firma Automotive's New Air Conditioner Relay, JIDECO (Blue) (25224D). Designed to optimize the performance of your air conditioning system, this genuine JIDECO relay ensures efficient cooling and comfort during your drives.

Installed in the 25224D location, the Air Conditioner Relay plays a pivotal role in activating and controlling the air conditioning compressor. With 1 required per car, Terra Firma Automotive offers reliable and authentic electrical components that are essential for maintaining optimal cabin comfort.

Don't compromise on a comfortable driving experience, especially during hot weather. Trust Terra Firma Automotive for your Nissan Skyline R34 Air Conditioner Relay needs and enjoy uninterrupted cooling performance. Our commitment to delivering top-quality automotive solutions ensures that your vehicle's systems are functioning at their best. Upgrade your air conditioning system with Terra Firma Automotive's premium relay options and enjoy comfortable drives in any weather condition.

  • Fits BNR34 GTR
  • Fits ENR34 GT-Four
  • Fits ER34 25GT
  • Fits ER34 25GTT
  • Fits HR34 20GT

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