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Nissan Skyline R33 GTR Hood Insulation Retainer Kit (OEM)

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Introducing the New Genuine Nissan R33 GTR Hood Insulation Retainer Kit, available at Terra Firma. This OEM kit is essential for the proper installation of your R33 Skyline hood insulation, ensuring a secure and reliable fit.

Designed specifically for the R33 GTR model, these hood insulation retainers are made from durable black plastic. They feature a wide head and a standard "Christmas tree" style shaft, providing a secure attachment to your hood insulation.

It's important to note that these retainers are intended for one-time use only. Every time the hood insulation is removed, it is crucial to replace the retainer clips with new ones from this kit. Whether you're painting your R33 GTR or simply replacing the worn insulation under the hood, this kit is a must-have to ensure proper installation and functionality.

The kit includes a complete set of 15 retainers, providing everything you need for a comprehensive and reliable solution. Trust Terra Firma as your source for genuine Nissan parts and accessories, ensuring the highest quality and compatibility with your R33 GTR.

  • Fits BCNR33 GTR

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