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Nissan Skyline R32 R33 R34 GTR Crankshaft Assembly

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Upgrade your Nissan Skyline R32, R33, or R34 GTR with the legendary N1 Crankshaft Assembly from Terra Firma Automotive. This stock 73.7mm stroke crankshaft is a true gem, featuring the wide oil pump drive collar found on cranks made after February 1993. Compared to early versions, this crankshaft is vastly superior, making it the standard choice for GTR models built after that date. Its exceptional quality and performance have made it a favorite among enthusiasts and racers alike.

The versatility of the N1 Crankshaft extends beyond GTR models. With modified pistons, it can also be used in other RB blocks like the RB20 and RB25, allowing you to unlock even more potential in your Nissan engine. Trust in Terra Firma Automotive, the leading supplier of authentic Nissan parts, to provide you with the highest quality components that meet OEM standards. Experience the power and reliability of the N1 Crankshaft Assembly and take your Nissan Skyline to new heights on the road or the track. Explore our wide range of rare and high-performance parts and make your dream build a reality. Shop now and elevate your driving experience with Terra Firma Automotive.

  • Fits BNR32 GTR
  • Fits BCNR33 GTR
  • Fits BNR34 GTR
  • Fits RB26

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  • do you have GTR crankshaft in stock??

    Yes, we have this in stock as of 2/12/2019. Thanks for your question!