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Nissan Skyline R32 Front Upper Control Arm to Mounting Bracket Bolt (54550AA)

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Upgrade your Nissan Skyline R32's suspension with Terra Firma Automotive's brand-new Front Upper Control Arm to Bracket Bolt. This hardened bolt, designed for use in the 54550AA location, is a critical component of your front suspension system, ensuring stability and precise handling.

Our bolts are built to exact factory specifications, featuring the correct shaft size, diameter, and thread pitch. With two required per GTR (one per control arm), this bolt is engineered for a precise fit, eliminating compatibility concerns. Whether you're restoring your R32 to its original glory or enhancing its performance, trust Terra Firma Automotive for high-quality components.

Don't compromise on the structural integrity of your vehicle's suspension. Our commitment to providing authentic Nissan parts ensures that you can maintain your Skyline R32 to the highest standards, just as the manufacturer intended.

At Terra Firma Automotive, we prioritize quality, durability, and performance. Our Front Upper Control Arm to Bracket Bolt is no exception. Elevate your driving experience with the assurance of top-notch components.

Choose Terra Firma Automotive as your trusted source for genuine Nissan parts in the United States. Order the Front Upper Control Arm to Bracket Bolt today and experience improved handling and peace of mind. Your Skyline R32 deserves nothing less than the best.

  • Not for GXI models
  • Fits BNR32 GTR
  • Fits ECR32 GTS25
  • Fits HCR32 GTST
  • Fits HNR32 GTS4
  • Fits HR32 GTE
  • Fits HR32 GTS

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