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Nissan Skyline R32 (Except GTR) Air Conditioning Drain Hose

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Elevate the performance and functionality of your Nissan Skyline R32 (Except GTR) with Terra Firma Automotive's Genuine Nissan Air Conditioning Drain Hose. This brand-new component is meticulously crafted to meet Nissan's stringent standards, ensuring optimal performance and durability for your vehicle's air conditioning system.

The molded rubber design of the air conditioning drain hose guarantees a precise fit and efficient drainage. In the realm of replacement parts, authenticity matters, and Terra Firma Automotive delivers the real deal—this hose is a Genuine Nissan part.

Say goodbye to concerns about compatibility and quality. When it comes to maintaining the air conditioning system of your Skyline R32, the Genuine Nissan Air Conditioning Drain Hose from Terra Firma Automotive is your assurance of a perfect fit and reliable functionality.

Invest in the assurance that comes with using genuine Nissan components for your vehicle. Terra Firma Automotive is committed to providing top-tier replacement parts that align with the excellence of the original manufacturer's specifications. Choose authenticity, choose quality—choose Terra Firma Automotive for all your Nissan replacement part needs.

  • Fits ECR32 GTS25
  • Fits FR32 GXI
  • Fits HCR32 GTST
  • Fits HNR32 GTS4
  • Fits HR32 GTE
  • Fits HR32 GTS

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