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Nissan Skyline R32 GTR V-Spec R33 GTR Rear Disc Brake Rotor

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Rare and highly sought-after, discover the original, new-in-the-box R32 GTR V-spec rear disc brake rotor, available exclusively at Terra Firma Automotive. This pristine, uncut, factory-fresh unit was originally designed for the R32 V-Spec, equipped with 17-inch wheels and Brembo calipers. Our limited stock of these rare gems offers you a unique opportunity to own a piece of automotive history.

Presented in their original shipping grease, our units remain uncleaned to preserve their authenticity. The aged appearance of the boxes suggests that these rotors were not mass-produced, adding to their collectible value. As a component also utilized in the R33, these factory rotors are often replaced with performance variants due to their scarcity. If you're a proud owner of a V-Spec or R33 and are dedicated to maintaining the original factory specifications, these rotors are an essential find.

Vented and of substantial dimensions, these rotors offer exceptional performance without the need for drilling or slotting. They are suitable for use on either the front left or right side, with two units required per GTR. As V-Spec R32 models become legal in the US and are increasingly sought after, their parts are becoming scarcer by the day.

Secure your piece of automotive heritage now, as our limited stock may not be replenished once sold out. Join us at Terra Firma Automotive to preserve the legacy of the legendary R32 GTR V-spec.

  • Fits BNR32 GTR
  • Fits BCNR33 GTR

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  • Good day, What are the specs of this rotor r33 Gtr rear rotors

    Hi, these are the large 300 x 22 mm brake rotors. Thanks