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Nissan Skyline R32 Rear Upper Spring Rubber Seat (55034)

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Revitalize your Nissan Skyline R32's suspension system with Terra Firma Automotive's Rear Upper Spring Rubber Seat. This crucial component is designed to bring back the performance and comfort of your vehicle's rear suspension.

Over time, original rubber spring seats can deteriorate, leading to compromised ride quality and handling. Terra Firma Automotive offers the perfect solution with our high-quality, genuine Nissan replacement part. Crafted to Nissan's exacting standards, this rubber seat spring is a direct fit for the 55034 mounting location.

Whether you're a dedicated automotive enthusiast or simply want to ensure a safe and comfortable ride, our Rear Upper Spring Rubber Seat is a must-have. It replaces worn or damaged originals, restoring your Skyline's suspension to its former glory.

Don't let deteriorating rubber spring seats affect your driving experience. Upgrade to Terra Firma Automotive's Rear Upper Spring Rubber Seat and enjoy a smoother, more controlled ride. We're committed to providing Nissan enthusiasts with top-tier replacement parts, so you can drive with confidence.

Experience the difference in your Skyline's performance, handling, and comfort with our genuine Nissan replacement parts. Terra Firma Automotive is your trusted source for quality components that keep your Nissan Skyline R32 running at its best.

Upgrade your vehicle today and enjoy the benefits of a revitalized suspension system. Choose Terra Firma Automotive for reliable, genuine Nissan parts that stand the test of time.

  • 2 Required
  • Fits BNR32 GTR
  • Fits ECR32 GTS25
  • Fits FR32 GXI
  • Fits HCR32 GTST
  • Fits HNR32 GTS4
  • Fits HR32 GTE
  • Fits HR32 GTS

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