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Nissan Skyline R32 Anti Skid ABS Relay Cover

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Protect Your Nissan Skyline R32's ABS System with Terra Firma Automotive's Anti Skid ABS Relay Cover. This molded plastic cover is a crucial component that often gets damaged or lost over time. It plays a vital role in safeguarding your ABS relays, ensuring their longevity and optimal performance.

Ensure your ABS system's integrity by replacing or restoring your relay cover with Terra Firma Automotive's high-quality solution. Trust in our commitment to authentic and reliable components. Elevate your driving experience by exploring our range of top-tier automotive solutions. Don't overlook the importance of proper protection—choose Terra Firma Automotive for your Nissan Skyline R32 Anti Skid ABS Relay Cover needs and experience the peace of mind that comes with optimal ABS function. Invest in quality protection today.

  • Fits BNR32 GTR
  • Fits ECR32 GTS25
  • Fits HCR32 GTST
  • Fits HNR32 GTS4
  • Fits HR32 GTE
  • Fits HR32 GTS

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