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Nissan Silvia/180SX/200SX S13 S14 S15 Brake Pedal Pin Clevis (Manual Transmission)

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Elevate Your Driving Experience with Terra Firma Automotive's Brake Pedal Pin Clevis for Nissan Silvia/180SX/200SX S13 S14 S15 (Manual Transmission). Enhance braking precision and responsiveness in your Silvia/180SX S13 S14 S15 equipped with manual transmission. Our high-quality Brake Pedal Pin Clevis is meticulously designed to ensure optimal performance and safety. Whether you're a dedicated enthusiast or seeking reliable replacement parts, Terra Firma Automotive has you covered. Experience smoother and more controlled braking with our Brake Pedal Pin Clevis, tailored to fit your Silvia/180SX S13 S14 S15. Trust in our commitment to delivering top-notch automotive components. Upgrade your braking system today and explore the difference firsthand with Terra Firma Automotive. Your journey towards superior driving starts here.

  • Fits S13 180SX
  • Fits S13 Silvia
  • Fits S14 Silvia
  • Fits S15 Silvia

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