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Nissan Pulsar GTiR RNN14 Center Support Bearing Kit

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New Genuine GTiR Pulsar Carrier or Driveshaft Center Support Bearing. If you haven’t checked or change your driveshaft support bearing, its time. This bearing is critical for proper driveshaft support and dampens damaging vibration from the rotational force associated with the drive shaft. Often damaged, your drive shaft may have a lot of play signaling critical failure. If you are like us and you have more power than factory, or drive hard, having a new bearing is a must. Neglecting this component can lead to driveshaft failure, or worse, transmission failure. Checking is as easy as shaking the driveshaft back and forth, it should not move. Also, we have seen these bearing totally separated from the rubber isolator and free floating. Kit includes new bearing assembly, copper washer and nut. 2 required. 

  • Fits RNN14 GTiR

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