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Nissan Pulsar GTIR RNN14 Heater Blower Motor Fan

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New Genuine Pulsar GTIR Heater Blower Fan. Often referred to as the “squirrel cage” because of its hamster wheel look, these OEM white plastic injected unit corrects most problems associated with the heater not blowing when motor is working. Often, due to age, and use in the Japanese winters, these units simply disintegrate. Common problems with failing fans are lack of heat from vents, strange vibrating noises when heater is on, and sounds of pieces of plastic knocking around heater ducts. Affordable alternative to complete replacement of expensive blower motor assembly when blower motor hasn’t failed. We are having a harder time getting new units in the US and don’t know how much longer our stock will be available. 

  • Fits RNN14 GTiR

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