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Nissan Fairlady Z32 Knock Sensor (22060P)

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Welcome to Terra Firma Automotive - your ultimate source for premium automotive parts! Elevate the performance and reliability of your Nissan Fairlady Z32 with our Knock Sensor, strategically located in the 22060P position. This crucial sensor detects engine knock and ensures optimal combustion, safeguarding your engine's health.

Trust Terra Firma Automotive for genuine parts that adhere to the highest standards of quality and performance. Our commitment to excellence helps your Z32's enhanced engine efficiency and longevity.

Upgrade your Fairlady Z32 with confidence. Shop now for fast shipping and exceptional customer service. Order your Knock Sensor today and experience improved engine performance and peace of mind in your Nissan Fairlady Z32. Rely on Terra Firma Automotive for top-notch solutions that keep your vehicle running at its best.

  • Fits Z32 Fairlady Z

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