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Nissan Fairlady Z32 Ignition Cylinder Shear Bolt (48700A)

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Introducing Terra Firma Automotive - your premium destination for top-tier automotive components! Safeguard your Nissan Fairlady Z32's ignition system with our Ignition Cylinder Shear Bolt, strategically positioned in the 48700A location. This indispensable bolt is designed to secure the Ignition Cylinder caps to the die-cast body, ensuring impeccable tension and torque that prevents any risk of snapping, crushing, or compromising the integrity of the ignition system.

When it comes to maintaining the optimal function of your vehicle, there's no room for shortcuts. At Terra Firma Automotive, we wholeheartedly discourage the use of makeshift solutions or improper substitutes. Preserving your Z32's security and performance requires the authenticity and precision of our original shear bolt.

Trust in Terra Firma Automotive's commitment to excellence. Our genuine parts not only fit perfectly but also provide the confidence and peace of mind you deserve. Choose the path of reliability by replacing your Ignition Cylinder Shear Bolt with this authentic original unit.

Elevate your Z32's performance and protection. Browse our comprehensive selection of high-quality automotive solutions. Order your Ignition Cylinder Shear Bolt today and experience the pinnacle of security and performance for your Nissan Fairlady Z32. Make the smart choice - choose Terra Firma Automotive for a seamless and secure ignition system upgrade.

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