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Nissan Fairlady Z32 Front Brake Caliper Pin Clip (Early) (41217A)

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Welcome to Terra Firma Automotive - your trusted source for top-quality automotive parts! Elevate your Nissan Fairlady Z32's braking system with our Front Caliper Pin Clip (Early style), designed for the 41217A location. These essential clips, totaling 2 required, are specifically crafted for Z32 models manufactured from 07.1989 to 08.1992.

Trust Terra Firma Automotive to provide genuine parts that ensure secure fitting and optimal brake performance. Our commitment to quality guarantees your Z32's safety and reliability.

Upgrade your Fairlady Z32 with confidence. Shop now and experience fast shipping and exceptional customer service. Order your Front Caliper Pin Clip today and enjoy improved brake stability and performance in your Nissan Fairlady Z32!


  • 2 Required
  • Fits Z32 Fairlady Z

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