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Nismo Nissan Skyline R32 R33 GTR Intercooler Assembly 594x271x100mm

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Upgrade your Nissan Skyline R32 or R33 GTR with the high-performance Nismo Intercooler Assembly. This genuine Nismo product offers a larger core intercooler capacity and an optimized fin-pitch, resulting in reduced pressure loss and improved cooling performance. The Nismo Intercooler Assembly is designed to enhance the overall performance of your GTR while reducing the load on the turbocharger.

The side tanks of the intercooler have been redesigned to ensure more consistent cross-sectional areas, allowing the intake air to flow smoothly through the entire core. By installing the intercooler as vertically as possible to the airflow direction, the cooling performance of the water radiator is also enhanced. Experience improved cooling efficiency and turbocharger performance with this Nismo upgrade.

Please note that when installing the Nismo Intercooler Assembly on BNR32 and BCNR33 models, it is necessary to remove the bumper and bumper reinforcement. Additionally, minor fitting may be required to ensure proper installation.

Constructed from high-quality aluminum, the Nismo Intercooler Assembly is built to withstand the demands of high-performance driving. The core size measures H: 271 mm, W: 594 mm, and D: 100 mm, providing ample cooling capacity for your Skyline R32 or R33 GTR.

Choose Terra Firma as your trusted source for genuine Nismo parts. Elevate your Skyline's performance with the Nismo Intercooler Assembly and enjoy the benefits of enhanced cooling and turbocharger efficiency. Maximize your GTR's potential with this top-quality upgrade.

    • Fits BNR32 GTR
    • Fits BCNR33 GTR
    • Fits RB26

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