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HKS Oil Pump RB26DETT Oil Pump Upgrade Kit 15003-AN001

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Introducing the HKS Oil Pump RB26DETT Oil Pump Upgrade Kit, available at Terra Firma. When you're increasing the boost levels on your vehicle, it's crucial to consider the oil pressure as well. With the HKS Oil Pump Upgrade, you can experience a significant boost in oil output, nearly 50% more than the stock pump.

The HKS Oil Pump Upgrade features a newly designed case shape, enhancing durability and improving oil flow amount. This means you can count on a reliable oil supply, even for highly tuned engines.

One of the key advancements in this upgrade is the larger rotor, which effectively increases the oil flow compared to the stock pump. Additionally, HKS has introduced an adjustable oil relief pressure feature, allowing you to fine-tune the pump according to your specific requirements. The inclusion of an outer shim enables easy adjustment with visible results.

To ensure optimal performance and longevity, the driving rotor's contact portion has been made thicker, and the contact surface shape has been optimized. These enhancements, combined with the material upgrade, result in a rotor strength twice that of the stock pump.

HKS has carefully reviewed the case design to maintain sufficient rotor strength while minimizing oil flow resistance after pressure application. This ensures efficient oil circulation throughout your engine.

Please note that the Oil Pump Bolt Kit TFA-110046 is sold separately and is not included with the Oil Pump Upgrade kit.

Upgrade your RB26DETT engine's oil system with the HKS Oil Pump Upgrade Kit from Terra Firma. Enjoy increased oil output, improved durability, and peace of mind for your tuned engine. Visit our website for more information and take the next step in enhancing your vehicle's performance.

    • Fits WGNC34 Stagea 260RS
    • Fits BNR32 GTR
    • Fits BCNR33 GTR
    • Fits BNR34 GTR
    • Fits RB26

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