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DBA 4000 Series T3 Rear Disc Brake Slotted Rotor For Nissan Skyline R32 GTR GTST GTS4 R33 GTS25 R34 GTT 4908S (297mm)

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4000 SERIES T3 is the ultimate in direct replacement single piece performance brake rotors Featuring all the benefits of the 4000 Series plus DBAs patented world renowned T3 bi directional slot design.

Built on the foundations of DBAs T2 slot, the T3 slot design features additional, precise, CNC machined tri symmetrical slots, resulting in an even quieter, more responsive and smoother brake pedal feel The T3 slot increases the number of exit points for brake pad friction dust and gases to escape through, further increasing the consistency and effectiveness of every brake stop.

We recommend a T3 slot for high performance and heavy off-roading applications.

  • T3 4000 Series Rotor; Uni-Directional Slotted Rotor
  • Bolt Circle Diameter 114.3mm
  • Bolt Hole Quantity 5
  • Center Bore Diameter 68mm
  • Discard Thickness 16mm
  • Height 64mm
  • Nominal Thickness 18mm
  • Outside Diameter 297mm
  • Position Rear
  • All DBA Rotors are sold per rotor
  • Fits BNR32 GTR
  • Fits ECR32 GTS25
  • Fits HCR32 GTST
  • Fits HNR32 GTS4
  • Fits ER34 25GTT

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  • Hello! Is this for the price of one?

    Hi, yes DBA rotors are sold as each unit. Thanks!

  • What is the model number of this rear rotor?

    Hi this is a 4908S. Thanks