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Who is Godzilla?

Who is Godzilla?

For many people, the word evokes the image of a monolithic monster. For the rest of us, the word is synonymous with speed, agility, and dominance and refers to the Nissan Skyline. First produced in 1989, the BNR-32 GT-R Skyline, commonly referred to as the R32, quickly grabbed the attention of its rivals with its 2.6 Liter engine, all wheel drive (AWD), and 4-wheel steering (HICAS). The Skyline’s many feats are too numerous to list in a short blog, but rest assured, the Skyline has been a formidable Group A challenger.

The Skyline is Righ Hand Drive (RHD), meaning the steering wheel and driving components are on the right side of the vehicle. While foreign to Americans, RHD is pretty common the rest of the world. Because it was never legal to produce in the North America, this car was never produced with left hand drive. 

Why is Godzilla seeming to resurface with excitement in America? Common American muscle cars have crowded out the scene in the United States and Canada for years. Is that because Godzilla couldn’t handle the competition? As a sports car manufactured in Japan, speed has never been an issue. On the contrary, the Skyline has typically challenged its adversaries on the road. In all likelihood, it is precisely for this reason that the Skyline was banned for 25 years from legal importation in the US in 1989. Officially, the NTSB and EPA noted safety and emissions concerns about the R32. However, some have speculated that the Big Three may have also supported the legislation banning the Skyline. Regardless, the R32 is here in the USA and here to stay!

While the average Joe may not be familiar with this beast, the shear beauty of this car has not escaped gear heads – ban or no ban. When the Skyline R32 became legal in Canada, pioneering Canadians jumped at the chance to own this creature. And, as if to confirm what car fanatics already knew, Skyline values have skyrocketed since they became legal to own in the United States. Laws cannot change the brute force of the Skyline’s engine or the superiority of its all wheel drive system. And, thanks to the Fast & Furious franchise and Gran Turismo video game, the Skyline has been appropriately glorified. With amplified mainstream attention, widespread Skyline enthusiasm has only intensified.

The excitement of the Skyline is contagious. So what are the next challenges for the Skyline generally and the R32 specifically now that legislation can’t stop it? For starters, finding a 25+ year old car in excellent condition may be a bit tricky, but not impossible. Once found, how does one go about restoring the luster of this beaut? We have learned that finding quality OEM and aftermarket parts can be almost as frustrating as the 25-year ban. That’s where we come in. Let us do the heavy lifting so that you can finesse the Skyline back to her original luster. Two words: Game on.

Check out our website at tfaspeed.com to see our inventory of OEM and aftermarket parts. And, because we love the Skyline so, we also carry parts for the R33, R34, GTS4 and GTST. If you have trouble finding a part, let us know at sales@terrafirmaautomotive.com - we’re happy to help.

For the true Godzilla lover, check out our upcoming blogs about restoration challenges, Skyline shopping, and aftermarket parts.

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