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GKTech Front Upper Camber Arms R32 Group A Inspired For Nissan Skyline R32 All R32X-FUCA

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The GKTECH Group A inspired R32 Front Upper Camber Arms (FUCA's) are used to adjust the front camber on your R32 Skyline. When you lower your car negative camber is introduced. This reduces the contact patch of your tires and thus available traction. GKTech front upper camber arms will correct this issue.

The front upper arms on R32's (both GTS and GTR's) are notorious for having issues. The primary issue being bind which is caused by the articulation of the third element, commonly known as the kingpin or the knuckle extension. As the suspension is compressed this part rotates and creates deflection on the bushings in the OEM upper arm. This is acceptable with rubber bushings as they allow a relatively high degree of misalignment. Enthusiasts and racers tend to upgrade the bushings to stiffer polyurethane bushings for more consistent alignment and improved feedback. This also helps with handling and grip as there is less camber loss under lateral loads. Polyurethane bushes have the advantage of reducing deflection while not binding the suspension as all metal bearings do with one piece front upper arm design. The bushings themselves however do not allow for enough adjustment to make the upgrade worthwhile if adjustability is required. This meant that owners were forced to keep the non-adjustable arms or risk using arms that quickly wore out the bearings. Some of them (as you may have seen) are prone to breaking.

This is the reason that despite the high cost for us to produce the design that we have made, we pushed forward. We needed a design that would provide sufficient adjustment and use all metal bearings with Teflon inserts for longevity and play free operation. As the R32 chassis was very successful in Group A racing, its front suspension design was studied.

The entire front suspension had been redesigned, yet it appears that original chassis side suspension pivot points had been kept. The matter of interest, upper suspension arm, had been divided into a two piece design that allows the upright assembly to rotate (side view) during suspension heave without binding. The upper arm consisted of five bearings, two of which were rod end type. There does not appear to be much adjustability built into it meaning the camber was adjusted elsewhere or the narrow window was sufficient considering it was designed for racing and all components optimized for racing. The P10 Primera used in the British Touring Car Championship in the same time period also used a similar suspension setup.

After the problems were analyzed and group A design studied, a concept version was modeled for price quoting and strength analyses. Long story short, 4 prototype versions later we have a finished product.

These arms are unique in design and are far from the generic garbage that most people are used to. Our design was based around the Group A racing arms which allow the arm to twist throughout suspension travel and have been CAD designed, FEA tested, they are CNC machined from 4130 Chromoly, are TIG welded and to finish the arms off they're E-coated (aka electrophoresis coating) for rust prevention. We are exclusively using high quality Teflon lined bearings 5/8" Teflon lined rod ends with our own proprietary dust boots for increased longevity on the outside and 2x COM10T bearings on the inside.

The GKTECH camber arms are a direct replacement of the standard arms. These camber arms allow for -15mm through to +20mm of adjustment compared to the OEM arm.

Vehicle Compatibility:
- Nissan Skyline R32 GTS-T
- Nissan Skyline R32 GTR


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