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Why buy from Terra Firma?

What is the quickest form of contact?

What is the cutoff time for expedited services?

Do you sell used or refurbished parts?

Can you tell me when an out-of-stock part will come in?

Can I warranty my parts?

Are duties and taxes included in the cost to overseas countries?

Do you offer wholesale accounts for businesses?


How quickly do orders ship?

When can I expect my package to arrive?

Why do you charge for shipping?

Do you offer combined shipping rates on multiple parts?

I ordered multiple parts, but it appears that I have gotten charged multiple times for shipping. What can I do?

The shipping seems really high on the items in my shopping cart. Is there anything I can do?

Do you ship to APOs?

Do you ship internationally?

My package has not arrived. What should I do?


Can I return my part for a full refund?


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Is there a way to sign up for an email list?

Why do you send emails?

Do you share my information with 3rd parties for the purposes of marketing or advertising?

About Us

How did you get into GTR?

Do you plan to add more GTR parts?

Do you plan to expand your offerings?